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2014 results are posted!

Click here for the 2014 contest winners.

Young Writers’ Contest Created by MCA academy and The Bookstore In The Grove


Why children should write stories?

To encourage inspiration, to entertain, to foster artistic expression, to emphasize reflection, to stimulate imagination, to clarify thinking, to search for identity, to discover for themselves the values that will guide them throughout life, to learn how to read and write.


The purpose of this annual contest is to celebrate the creative writing talents of today’s children and teens. Our goal is to develop a strong relationship with local public and private schools of Coconut Grove at first, with the intention of expanding our contest from Elementary to High School students, to partner with a publishing company and other professionals in the field.


Why MCA Academy?

Whether your child is looking for a different school environment, is seeking new challenges, or is pursuing a passion such as athletics or the arts, MCA offers a nontraditional approach to schooling.

MCA has NO FCAT. MCA Academy is a private school and our Keystone Curriculum, which SAT scores are consistently higher than the national average, does not require FCAT like those in traditional public and charter schools. Since we give our students placement exams and are able to individualize instruction as needed, the FCAT exam is not necessary for us. And being a private school, funding does not apply to us. Therefore, we are able to focus our class time on the academics the students need to meet Florida requirements for their grade level and, ultimately, for graduation and college acceptance.

MCA provides a challenging, fully accredited and individualized program from 1st to 12th grade,  nationally recognized as having an above average academic level.

Class size is very small allowing every child to receive personal attention and work at their full potential. Therefore, there is limited homework.

Because of our accommodating program, students who need to take time for sports training and competitions, visual, performing or fine arts or other endeavors have the ability to fulfill the course requirements and complete their education at a flexible pace benchmarked and monitored by MCA.

MCA offers the possibility of grade advancement for those high achieving and disciplined students who want to get ahead in their studies and move on to the next grade level in one or more courses during the regular school year.

MCA builds self-confidence, motivates the children to succeed, fosters a desire to learn, and empowers them to achieve their academic and personal goals in a safe and positive environment. Ultimately, every child learns to work independently.

The SAT scores of students enrolled in the Keystone High School curriculum we offer are consistently higher than the national average.

High school students can enroll in advanced placement courses and participate in Dual Enrollment at local colleges and universities. Every child has the opportunity to maintain a high GPA, generate excellent transcripts, and be accepted at top colleges and universities nationwide.

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